Published Mon 04 Apr 2022

Meet the team at Warralily

Meet Claudia Tell us a bit about yourself
Hi! My name is Claudia Facy and I’m the newest member of the Warralily team. When I’m not at the land office you can find me spending time with my two dogs, a border collie named Cisco and a black lab named Nathan or out and about trying new restaurants across Melbourne. As an avid traveller, I also love exploring new countries and in non-covid times you’ll usually see 100 tabs open on my laptop researching for my next big trip.
Where have you worked before Warralily?
As a uni student I began working with a residential volume builder before making the switch to land development two and a half years ago. Being in the industry for over six years now I’ve worked across a number of projects in the Western suburbs of Melbourne including Taylors Lakes, Rockbank & Tarneit.
What do you love about working at Warralily?
I love the people! Both the clients and my colleagues. It’s great to work at an estate that genuinely cares about its residents and fosters a sense of community. We often have customers visit us having first purchased in the estate 7 or 8 years ago and are now looking to upsize to suit the needs of their growing families. They love living here and it’s a privilege to know they’d like to continue their journey with us at Warralily. Being passionate about sustainability myself, it’s also special to be a part of a project that considers the environmental impact of development and how moving forward we can utilise existing technology to ensure our communities create an environmentally conscious space for future generations.

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