Published Mon 08 Nov 2021

Make the most of your weekends and explore your own backyard.

5 of the best day trips to do this Summer

After a gruelling 2 years of Covid lockdowns we are finally starting to regain some freedom! We know you’re hanging out to escape the daily grind, not to mention your suburb. So we’ve put together 5 perfect day tripping activities to make the most of your weekends. 


Get up close with the animals at Great Ocean Road Wildlife Park

This wildlife park is 15 minutes from the 12 Apostles.

It is a multi-faceted experience filled with simple fun activities and educational lessons about the environment and the animals featured on the 40  acre farm. 

Kids will love the close animal encounters that are located right next to the visitor centre – you really don’t have to walk far to bump into your first peacock or visit the Petting Zoo enclosure where you and the family can snuggle up to animals such as wombats, kangaroos, alpacas. Or take the time to learn about the conservation of Aussie Dingoes and even get a cheeky cuddle. 

Up close and personal with a Dingo



Chasing Waterfalls in Lorne

If you’re feeling like getting out of the house for a day and exploring the beauty that is the Great Ocean Road, there’s at least 10 waterfalls located in Lorne that will keep you both busy and mesmerised for an entire day. 

There’s Erskine Falls which plunges (or trickles, depending on recent rainfall levels) down a 30-metre drop into the Erskine River; Henderson Falls which cascades over a moss-capped cliff face to a small pool below; Cumberland Falls and its dramatic but magnificent cliffs, gentle streams, peaceful pools, and never ending views, among others.

There are many more, but these are our top three to chase for the weekend! 

Erskine Falls near Lorne


Hook a big one on the 4 hour Family Fishing Charter at Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay Fishing Charters have been sailing these seas for many years and know all the best spots to hook a BIG one in these pristine waters. 

If you’re new to fishing, want to bring the kids or worried about getting sea-sick, then this is the best option. But don’t think that means the fish are any smaller!

They cater for everyone and seasoned anglers will still be able to test their skills at catching flathead, snapper and gummy sharks as well as a host of other species.

Their 4 hour tour is the perfect amount of time for families to test out the waters with their kids and enjoy reeling in a catch. 

Catching a big one of the 4 hour Charter



Explore The Redwoods and The Otways

Located an hour and a half from Geelong and tucked within the heart of the Otways, on the banks of the Aire River south of Beech Forest surrounded by the native eucalypts, stands a spectacular forest of Californian Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens) worthy of a day trip. This 85 year old plantation of Californian Redwoods has become a favourite local picnic area, and walking between the massive trunks flanking the river for the first time creates a special feeling of awe and reverence – one that’s really not to be missed in your lifetime.


The Redwood Forrest


Test yourself at Live Wire Park

If lockdown has you feeling down and sluggish, then this might be just the thing to get your blood pumping! Known as one of Australia’s most electrifying adventure parks, it’s all about unplugging, recharging and setting your senses alight with the beauty of the Great Ocean Road whilst zip lining, roller coasting, climbing, exploring and wandering through this world class adventure experience.

At Live Wire Park, you’ll find the ‘Shockwave Zip Coaster’ (Australia’s most extreme zip line), epic ropes courses and the treetop canopy circuit. 

It’s located in Lorne, so just over an hour from Geelong but you will have to book ahead. There are a few different experiences on offer too, so it caters to any type of adventurer – whether you prefer a nice, cruisy treetop walk, or you’re wanting to challenge your physical and mental abilities.

If high intensity is what you’re after, we recommend checking out the ‘Super Circuit’, which features 53 mid-air trails, suspended bridges, tree-scaling activities, an electrifying tarzan swing and a supercharged 10m QuickJump bungee. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

Climbing at Live Wire Park 



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